RA Prosecutor’s Office


The Prosecutor changed the measure of restraint against two defendants on his own initiative: the possibility of illegal behavior by the defendants decreased


On February 12, 2024, in the scope of the case examined in the Investigative Committee the Prosecutor changed the measure of restraint—detention applied against the defendants A.G. and L.M.,—employees of the commercial organization, on his own initiative.


Taking into consideration the fact, that the defendants gave testimonies on the facts essential for the criminal proceedings, face-to face interrogations were organized with their participation and in this situation the possibility of illegal behavior by the defendant A.G. and L.M.  and illegal intervention with the process of proof decreased,  the prosecutor gave an assignment to the body conducting the proceedings on applying combined alternative measures of restraint against A.G. and L.M.—bail, ban on absence and guaranty.


Let us remind that on January 31, 2024 a public criminal prosecution was initiated against the officials of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia under point 4 of part 2 of article 441 of the Criminal Code and against the head and employees of the commercial organization for acting in complicity with the abovementioned individuals (point 4 of part 2 of article 46-441 of the Criminal Code).


Detention applied as a measure of restraint against the head of the commercial organization remained unchanged.


Notice:  A person charged with any crime shall be presumed innocent until proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code—by the judgment came into legal force.